Intelligent Medicine for all

Reaching out through Medicines which complements the Knowledge & Skills of the Medical Profession

Professional , Ethical & Experienced to create Impact & Deliver Care

The company was incorporated in the year 2007 by a group of experienced & dedicated pharma professionals

Respect for the individual and caring for people

The mission was to give quality & innovative pharmaceutical products to the Indian Market & talk science & intelligent medicine usage to the medical fraternity

About Us

  • Jagosh is shaping up as one of the most Innovative companies in the Country. We are building on a very Unique corporate structure of making each member of the Organization a stakeholder and as a partner rather than employees.
  • Jagosh aims to get recognized as one of the most innovative healthcare organizations of India Besides some popular fast moving products, we aim to introduce novel, advanced, clinically proven and safe products in both acute and chronic therapeutic areas.
  • We will leverage our expertise in identifying products based on current market needs and turn them into successful brands. 
  • Jagosh will go beyond just selling and marketing products and will aim to complete the loop of Healthcare by being patient centric and leveraging technology to create real impact.
  • We aim to have a highly skilled team of 100 people in the next 1 year and aim to reach to over 20000 medical practitioners.
  • We boast of having a strong distribution network across the vast geography of India, and each of them will be driven by our own network of people and products accessible to over 50000 plus pharmacies of the country.
  • We intend to have strategic collaboration with one of the finest companies from anywhere in the World & bring in a new and innovative range of World Class Products to India.
  • The Intent is to be a Global Player in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Space.


Respect for the individual and caring for people
  • Every member has close to two decades of experience in the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry .
  • Each of them have has an in-depth understanding of market dynamics and an instinct to transform them into Business results.
  • With our values and processes, we aim to become one of the most operationally strong companies.
project one
project one


  • To become the largest entrepreneur led company in Healthcare.
  • To become the company of choice to market quality and innovative products in the Indian market.
  • To create the next generation of Healthcare company.


  • Focus on marketing of daily use, commonly prescribed products and yet innovative in packaging , pricing, positioning, marketing, and distribution.
  • Expand access to care and increase the availability of quality generic drugs to the general population.
  • To positively impact the lives of every one who is associated with Jagosh.
project one
project one


  • Our Values are a declaration of our core beliefs and the defining features of a culture that breeds achievement.
  • These Values provide the direction necessary for making our Vision a reality, they are also the principles that guide us in our day-to-day decision-making.
  • These Values reflect the enduring character of Jagosh and its people.
    • Patient & Consumer Focus
    • Integrity
    • Innovation
    • Community
    • Performance
    • Quality
    • Transparency
    • Entrepreneurial spirit
    • Leadership
    • Team Work

The Joy of Growing Together

Jagosh stands for 'Joy of Growing Together'.
It is a unique concept built consciously to make every person working for Jagosh a valuable shareholder & entrepreneur in his or her own way.

Our Social Responsibility

  • In the Business of Healthcare , we believe that CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility is not an obligation but a way of Life.
  • Jagosh is committed to be part of any activity which will enhance consumer knowledge on Healthcare and enable every user and consumer to be better informed in taking Health decisions.
  • This will be in the way of Health Talks and Health Camps and authentic Health Information will be the Heart of our CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Products

We aim to provide products and services which helps both patients and consumers in a way that few other companies can. Jagosh aims to achieve leadership position in every market that we will be operating in and in a scale which will have an unprecedented impact on Indian healthcare. Jagosh has a unique understanding of the Indian market and our products will be tailored to the needs of local patients, physicians and consumers. We aim to have an unparalleled ability to partner in commercializing any healthcare product and make it a success. We will be focusing on patient needs, improving compliance, convenience, efficacy and safety, and providing affordable and value added products ad services to patients and society across the country.

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A focussed approach to not only treat but also an after care model.

project two

Nutraceuticals & Consumer Health

These Products reflect our Innovative approach to Health & Wellness.

project three

Diagnostics & Pathology

We have envisioned the role of diagnosis in treatment of diseases, and plan to bring in diagnostics products for a Healthier Tomorrow.

project three

General Medicines

Our Portfolio of Generic Medicines will aim to make treatment affordable & accessible to both the patients & healthcare providers

Career & Partnerships

  • At Jagosh, we’re driven to significantly improve the lives of everyone and anywhere.
  • We focus on creating a diverse yet inclusive organization where every member of Jagosh feel engaged and know their work makes an important contribution.
  • We aim to attract and retain the most talented people from all backgrounds and cultures regardless of: actual or perceived race, colour, ethnic or national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, gender identity and/or expression, religion or belief, physical ability/disability.
  • During the course of your application you will be requested to complete voluntary information which will be used in monitoring the effectiveness of our equality and diversity policies. Your information will be treated as confidential and will not be used in any part of the selection process.


If you want to get associated with Jagosh , do write back to us with a short description on " How do you
like to Contribute to Healthcare & Wellness by being a part of Jagosh?"

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